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Strategic program of Publication Center of University of Medical Science
Trying to promote the publication & distribution of research & scientific activities of professors, researchers & students of the Üniversity in various types of publication to provide the way for scientific promotion of Shiraz Üniversity of Medical Sciences in national & international stages.

we tend to arrange quality & quantity of the Üniversity's Publication products in a way that all applicants in the fields of Medical Sciences can benefit the best product with most application & highest quality in order to improve social health.

General Purpose:
- Ïmprove management quality & publication affairs
- Ïncrease special interest of the bookstore of the Üniversity by 10% each year.
-Review work profile of the publication Çenter's staff during first year of the program.
-Giving information in written or electronic form through media.
-Develop modern methods of selling books.
-Âsking for opinions of those who refer to the bookstore in order to achieve their satisfaction.
-Ïmplementing electronic bookstore management software
-Ïncrease number of sold books by 10% each year.
- Çontinuous update of resources of the bookstore & web site of the Üniversity Publication Çenter to inform applicants the content of books that exist in exhibition.
- Çontinuous correspondence with educational departments of the university at the beginning of each educational semester, in order to supply their educational needs.
- Ôffer suitable discount for the books available in the bookstore in order to satisfy the customers.
-Hold book exhibitions on different occasions with offering special discount.
- Ïncrease number of sold book by 10 % each year.
-continuous participation in international & provincial book exhibitions to have more communication with national & international Publishers of Medical Science.
- Çontinuous correspondence and contact with the publishers of Medical Science to get familiar with the newest publications.
- Ïmprove accounting method of purchasing books & resources of Publication Çenter.

  Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine--4vol «1397/08/27»

  Maingot's Abdominal Operations «1397/10/16»

  Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine--4vol «1397/08/27»

The Practice of Surgical Pathology:1vol
Diana Weed man Molavi
Price: 1438200 Rials
First Aid for the Usmle Step 1:2019 :full color
Tao Lee
Price: 3138200 Rials
Practical Histology
Nasrin Takzaree
Price: 340000 Rials
Sunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX- RN Examination:offset
linda anne silvestri
Price: 2968200 Rials
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine--vol4:offset
Dennis L. Kasper
Price: 1051875 Rials
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine--vol3:offset
Dennis L Kasper
Price: 1051875 Rials
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine--vol2:offset
Dennis L. Kasper
Price: 1051875 Rials
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