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Welcome to the website publication center of Shiraz University of Medical Science
 Welcome to the website publication center of Shiraz Üniversity of Medical Sciences. Âfter greetings & welcome to you , respectfully, this is to inform you that the bookstore of Publication Çenter of Shiraz Üniversity of Medical Sciences having professional staff, is ready to render service on supply & distribution of all references for the students of Medical Sciences. By referring to this website, you can benefit the available services. We look forward to receiving your comments, suggestion, & critiques.


  Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics «1397/02/16»

Braunwald's Heart Disease---Offset:2vol
Douglas P Zipes
Price: 3315000 Rials
اکسیر آبی :20 آزمون تالیفی زبان انگلیسی
خشایار سنجری
Price: 210800 Rials
Textbook of Clinical Hemodynamics
Michael Ragosta
Price: 1268200 Rials
Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques: 2vol: offset
David K. Gardner
Price: 2968200 Rials
Feigin & Cherry's Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Disease--4vol---Offset
James D. Cherry
Price: 8493200 Rials
Atlas of Human Anatomy:Sobotta:Internal Organ
F Paulsen
Price: 843200 Rials
Atlas of Human Anatomy Sobotta Head,Neck,and,Neuroanatomy
F Paulson
Price: 1098200 Rials
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